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"Bending the Limits"

WhippenStick Custom Bows LLC
           As of September 2nd 2016 we are no longer taking any more orders!

As of approximately 7am on the 2nd day of September 2016, I have decided to retire WhippenStick Custom Bows LLC. In The last year or so I have made many attempts to keep the fire lit by changing up bow models, deleting some, adding new ones etc, in an attempt to stay excited about new product or procedures. But as any custom single manned shops can tell you, there are many other challenges that go along with trying to create a quality product. It is these "other" challenges which have ultimately lead to this decision. From the beginning, I had always realized that the shelf life for some single manned bow making shops is usually somewhat short.

It is my hope that over the next many years to come that I will continue to receive pictures of successful hunts, competition trophies and IBO championship belt buckles and that my shop wall will continue to grow with these memories where as I am able to live through many of you who carry my bows afield. The sense of pride I feel upon receiving a new picture is what makes me realize that this venture has been worth all the challenges.


The past 10 years of making WhippenStick bows has blessed me with so many new friendships, as well as some who I now refer to as family. These relationships started from the very beginning as a hobbiest  bow maker building racing bows,  to the last few years building bows that now inhabit nearly every continent on the globe, I can only say that I am very humbled by all the positive support that so many have shared with me in using bows created by my hands.  For this I express a very heart felt "thank you" to all of those who have supported me over the last decade.

     Best regards to all,

        Ken Rohloff

    WhippenStick Custom Bows